PoSTagger on other languages than English

Has anyone manage to use TextModels PoSTagger on another language than English?

The following does not work, everything gets tagged as ‘NNP’:

using TextModels
using TextAnalysis
using Languages

str = "André trouve cette maison très belle" 
sd = StringDocument(str)
pos = PoSTagger()

The doc is here,-CNN-and-CRF

I think that model was only trained on English, unfortunately. Would be great to get models for other languages. Maybe we should document this better.

In .julia/datadeps/POS Model Dicts/word_to_embed_idx.json there are French words as well.

I thought that this meant that a pretrained model was available for French as well.

@avik, what would you recommend between these following options:

In the second case, some guidance or links to some resources would be very welcome.