Possible DNSSEC issue

I am unable to get DNS lookups for docs.julialang.org. My DNS server says

16-Aug-2021 16:18:33.166 lame-servers: info: no valid DS resolving docs.julialang.org/DS/IN':

and DNSSEC Analyzer - docs.julialang.org suggests the problem is somewhat upstream, with fastly.net

The verisign site reports no problems with julialang.org (without the docs). Oddly, it does report some problems with discourse.julialang.org, but I am able to get an IP for it.

Details about my setup:

  • running bind9 locally
  • for all external domains, it uses my ISP’s DNS: is one of them.
  • dig @ does get IPs:
docs.julialang.org.	1799	IN	CNAME	j2.shared.global.fastly.net.
j2.shared.global.fastly.net. 30	IN	A
  • Debian buster. I’ve done nothing (that I recall?) to mess with its DNSSEC settings.
  • I know little about how DNSSEC works
  • I can resolve the domain from a school computer running Win 10.

As a work-around I put an entry in /etc/hosts for docs.julialang.org.