Portable Julia

Maybe you could consider this?

  1. VSCode has a built-in terminal. Use that, it will have access to Julia.
  2. Changing the initial project is easy. In fact, all it takes is to change this block of shell script

    But, opening a folder to the project you would like to switch to in the editor is literally just a couple of steps.

Well, I know that, I use it every day. But it does not solve my need for a real windows terminal. Reasons:

  1. Not all commands work in the vscode terminal. For example the command bin\run_julia (a file run_julia.bat exists) works in the windows terminal, but not in the vscode terminal
  2. often my git credentials work in the windows terminal, but not in in the vscode terminal
  3. if I teach and the situation is that a command does not work, then the reason often is a misconfiguration of vscode. To debug this situation I prefer to have a pure terminal where not much can be misconfigured.

And of course bash is more nice than the standard windows terminal, but I cannot expect every student to have bash installed.

Well, that is the point of this install: it provides a preconfigured bash. And, of course your editor can start one:

The Julia process runs from a bash in the editor, so that I have a sane “shell”!

And, it is possible to start a new terminal WINDOW from your vscode, which is preconfigured to find the portable julia:

Or, like this with powershell:

I do not know why the batch file would not run. But we can try to debug…

Hope this helps?