Pmap feature for dynamic decisions

can I ask for feedback on a feature request?

code that is called by pmap should have the ability to signal to the scheduler a (dynamic) determination not to schedule any more tasks. existing tasks should either be finished or aborted

For example, when any one task fun signals “DONE NICE”, the scheduler stops scheduling further processes, but let’s the remaining tasks finish (e.g., we already found the alien, when the search parties come back, don’t send them out again); when any one task fun signals “DONE ABORT”, the scheduler also immediately terminates all other tasks ( (e.g., the alien has found us, is hostile, and we will need all search parties to come back immediately to help defend the base).

I think this is in the spirit of pmap, but greatly improves its previously static functionality dynamic, with relatively little pain to the developers (catch interrupt?) and to the user. it becomes much easier for the user to signal “done” than having to write their own schedulers.

shall I file a feature request issue or not?


Nice idea. I’m undecided if this should be part of a simpler pmap, or whether a larger more generic scheduler could be built with this and other dynamic features. It would be nice to create enough infrastructure so mid-tier users do not have to write their own schedulers, as doing so involves a trip down the rabbit hole.

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thx. I filed it. let’s see. maybe they will like it… regards, /iaw