Pluto problem with Base.load_path() when importing locally installed packages

I used to use

	import Pkg
using ForwardDiff, LinearAlgebra,PlutoUI, DelimitedFiles, DynamicalSystems, GLMakie, Plots, OrdinaryDiffEq, ProgressMeter; plotly();

to import locally installed packages, after a force shutdown I reopened the environment to
see pluto is warning me

ArgumentError: Package ForwardDiff not found in current path.

- Run `import Pkg; Pkg.add("ForwardDiff")` to install the ForwardDiff package.

but I know these are installed in the path because I can work on REPL,


after that import


in the repl my



so seems to be Project.toml is missing, now how to rectify this and make pluto import local packages

found this for repl, JULIA_LOAD_PATH replace load path instead of append to it · Issue #29513 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub but I cannot wrap this for pluto
any help is much appreciated since it was working fine before with local imports

Which OS are you using?

I can’t seem to replicate this on my windows machine (although I am on 1.10) and the ouput ot Base.load_path() correctly holds the main env.

Have you tried splitting the using statements in a separate cell?
It shouldn’t matter but it’s always worth trying out

It was debian and hard disk faced a failure, so I don’t have access to it now. I just replicated the same setup on current one without issues.

Still have no idea how to resolve these