Pluto misses cell update

In callable parameterized types, Pluto seems to miss when the cell defining the function is changed:

Near the comment, if, e.g., I push @show :stuff into the next line, without #, and then run that cell, the final cell will not be re-run.

I know, this is cheating: I should define the function in the same cell as the struct… Anyway – does anybody else’s Pluto behave in the same way?

Julia 1.8.5
Pluto 0.19.22

Yes, it behaves in the same way for me. Re-running the cell manually uses the updated form of the function though.

Perhaps it is because no object in the cell is actually changed? :thinking: Not sure if/how a method that directly uses a type is treated differently than other methods.

Can you open an issue at Pluto.jl? (Might exist already)