Pluto - hide LHS of assignment (`@latexrun`)

I’m using Latexify in Pluto and running @latexrun x = something, which assigns something to x and returns a LaTeXString – which looks great. The problem is, Pluto identifies this as an assignment, and prints an extra @latexrun x = above the result.

For pure vanity reasons, is there something that can be done to suppress this LHS, temporarily or otherwise?


What I want is to get rid of the @latexrun U_p = in the top left corner.

This might not be the solution you need, but the solution… well at least the solution I could come up with:


That’s pretty good. I thought Pluto would be angry about the multiple expressions thing.

Using “…”:

@latexrun "U_p = 3*E_max^2"

This is very cool, I didn’t know that it existed. Thanks!

They’re in the same cell though! You can redefine expressions to your heart’s content as long as you keep it within a cell.



errors out (within a cell). It’s interesting that this is not equivalent to


That’s because multi-line cells need begin/let ... end - I’m not that deep into Pluto’s internals, but ultimately it’s just a plain .jl file which needs to be split into cells automatically by Pluto’s parser - if it’s multiple lines you have to explicitly tell Pluto that it’s one statement, while as long as it’s on one line I guess Pluto will assume it’s one statement.

Alternatively you can wrap whatever expression you have in a begin/end block and Pluto will stop showing the name of the variable.