Pluto Ctrl-C Not Working on Julia 1.8.0

I recently updated my environment and Julia version.
I am running Julia 1.8.0 and Pluto v0.19.11.
The packages I have installed in this environment are

OhMyREPL v0.5.12
Pluto v0.19.11
PlutoUI v0.7.39
Revise v3.4.0

I can start up pluto just fine by doing

using Pluto

But when I try to quit even if I haven’t opened a notebook yet it does nothing. I can’t stop the process like I used to be able to with Ctrl-C in the terminal.

Any thoughts?

Forgot to mention in case it is relevant. I am using the Windows Terminal and running Julia in Windows Subsystem for Linux 1 (WSL1) on Ubuntu.


On MacOS I use many Ctrl-Cs in a row. Not nice, but eventually it works.

I am on a Windows machine, and can confirm that Ctrl+C does not work (Julia 1.8.0, Pluto 0.19.11).

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[Windows] ctrl-C does not seems to work in the REPL to stop an IJulia/jupyterlab session either. It did work in 1.7.

Already reported: Cannot safely exit Pluto on Windows + git bash · Issue #2136 · fonsp/Pluto.jl · GitHub

And for IJulia here:

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Apparently, the problem is not limited to the Windows OS. In Ubuntu, ctrl+C stops Pluto but kills the entire REPL: I can not apply any further command. The only option is to kill the Julia session.

After crtl+C, the output I get is:

Exiting due to channel error