Plotting using `Trixi2Vtk` of `.h5` files

I am plotting some .h5 solution files that are generated from running code similar to Trixi package. I am using Trixi2Vtk package for plotting.
Command given in Trixi docs is:

julia> trixi2vtk(joinpath("out", "solution_000000.h5"), output_directory="out")
ERROR: KeyError: key "capacity" not found

And I am getting the error. Solution files are in “out” directory. What can be the reason for this error?

running code similar to Trixi package

Is the .h5 actually coming from a simulation from Trixi.jl? If not Trixi2Vtk.jl will probably not be able to convert the data into vtk because the .h5 file needs to have a very special format, which is only written by Trixi.jl itself. In this case, your .h5 doesn’t seem to contain the key capacity, which, however, should be written by Trixi.jl.

In my case .h5 files are created by a package created on Trixi.jl with some extension.

Actually I got the solution. Initially, I installed Trixi2Vtk.jl package in --project=. environment then it was showing the key capacity not found error but if I installed Trixi2Vtk.jl in my base i.e. without using flag --project=. then it worked fine and generated the required .vtu files.