Plotting time series and data from Quandl

Hello, I’m new and I’m learning how to get time series from Quandl and work with them.
I just managed to get the time series with only dates and closing prices and I would like to plot it. I read all PyPlot and Plots package documentations but I couldn’t find anything. Can someone give me a hint on the code or something to read?

What is Quandl and what format are the data in?Please give working code.

The TimeSeries package has a Plots recipe

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So you can simply

using Quandl, Plots
ohlcv = quandl("GOOG/NASDAQ_QQQ")

You may need to run Pkg.checkout("TimeSeries") first, as the recipe may only be on the master branch.


thank you!

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I have also just submitted a PR to allow candlestick plots of ohlc data.

plot(ohlcv[30:80], seriestype = :candlestick)