Plotting single density plot for table

I am trying to plot a density plot of a table with dimension (100000*30). I was able to get 30 different plots because of 30 columns in one window but I just want one graph for that table. How to do that?

Thank you.

Are you using Plots.jl? You could use gadflay and plot each column in a layer, and then plot all the layers together.

Iā€™m outside rn, but if you show me your array, i bet you s be ill find you a one line solution once i get home in an hour or so :slight_smile:

Which plotting package are you using? What do you expect your plot to look like - you say you want one graph, do you mean 30 density lines on one figure, or just one density for all the data in your table?

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I am using Plots.jl. I want one density plot for all the data in table.

Yes, I am using Plots.jl . its a 100000*30 dimensional array. I have attached the image.

Density plots are available in the StatsPlots package, which extends Plots:

julia> using StatsPlots

julia> x = rand(10, 3);

julia> density(vec(x))


Yeah, forgot to mention StatsPlots. density(vec(x)) worked, I didnt know about vec().
Thank you so much.

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