Plotting Multiple ODE Trajectories on the Same Plot

I have a bunch of ODE simulation outputs. I’m having trouble plotting all the solutions on the same plot.

I can do something like the following code. But do I need to reshape the entire simulation output to do this?
Is there another way to accomplish plotting the simulations on the same plot? I tried looping through plot! but this didn’t work for me.

Context for solution below: use in vars parameter in plot.

If you have simulations generated from an ensemble simulation, you can just call plot(sim) as shown in the linked example. This is helpful if you are running many instances of the same model, but with, e.g., varying parameters. Otherwise, I don’t see a reason why multiple calls to plot! wouldn’t work. Do you have part of your script that you could share? That might help find the issue.

Okay when I get back to my computer I’ll send the code. The issue with running plot directly on the simulation outputs is that I have a 6-dim ode. I want to plot only two of the dims as a function of time. I don’t know how to subset out the dimensions of interest.

Check this example that shows how to use the vars keyword to do just that in the case of the Lorenz system.

Almost, in this example they plot xyzt together. In my example I want something like “xyt” – they have examples of subsetting variables but this is in phase space, not variables vs time.

Just use 0 for time.