Plotting big data sets?

I suggested Julia to an industry contact. His response: “Can Julia plot really big datasets?”

What he meant was: he has timeseries of a few million elements, and want to just dump the entire series on the plotting routine, without having to subsample … and then be able to zoom in as he pleases.

So what is the best plotting tool for such use?

For time series of a few million elements, I found the inspectdr() backend from Plots.jl quite pleasing. If you use gui() you can display the plot in the backends’ gui window where you can zoom, pan, etc. It is fast and responsive the only drawback is that some plots do not look as ‘nice’ as they do when using other backends. But this probably lies in the eye of the user.

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I have no experience of doing this in Julia but in javascript land…

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InteractiveViz.jl uses Makie for that same goal and could be of interest.