Plot's won't show in VSC but in REPL

Hello Guys. I’m quite new to Julia Programming and i have a Question. I have a .csv file which i want to extract some datas from. My Code is working just fine in the REPL, but as soon as i try to run the same Code in VSC the plot won’t show, which it does in the REPL. The first issue was that i got the *(process:544): GLib-GIO-WARNING *: 09:39:19.482: Unexpectedly, UWP app 3138AweZip.AweZip_1.4.16.0_x86__ffd303wmbhcjt' (AUMId 3138AweZip.AweZip_ffd303wmbhcjt!App’) supports 167 extensions but has no verbs Error, but uninstalling BreeZip fixed that.

When i tried this Code: collection_threads.plot(x = :threadcreateddate, y = :number_of_threads, title = “Number of threads per day”)
collection_comments.plot(x = :commentcreateddate, y = :number_of_comments, title = “Number of comments per day”) i get this : ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: column name :plot not found in the data frame Error.

If i were to try and plot the function like this:
#plot(collection_threads.threadcreateddate, collection_threads.number_of_threads)

#plot(collection_comments.commentcreateddate, collection_comments.number_of_comments)
I don’t get any Error but a Warning that this is not a way to call the plot Function, which it actually is…

I enabled the Plot Pane in the Julia.Extension settings in VSC and don’t know what to do right now…

Can someone help? I need the code to run in VSC, because i want to compare the needed runtime and for various other purposes…

What is the exact text of that warning?

It is usually very helpful to the people helping you if you include a minimal working example (MWE), enclosed in a block of tripple backticks for propper displaying. The code should reproduce the problem in a fresh julia session.

# Put code here. E.g.
x = 2
y = x^2

I am sorry, i forgot :smiley:

’ import Pkg

import CSV

import DataFrames

import Dates

import Plots





using CSV

using DataFrames

using Dates

using Plots

df =“Praktikum//zip//RedditUkraineThreadsAndComments_20220625-1630.csv.gzip”, DataFrame)

#df =“C://Users//Me//Path//To//File//RedditUkraineThreadsAndComments_20220625-1630.csv.gzip”, DataFrame)

transform!(df, [:thread_created_utc, :comment_created_utc] .=> ByRow(s → DateTime(s, dateformat"yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS.s")), renamecols = false)

df.threadcreateddate = Date.(df.thread_created_utc)

df.commentcreateddate = Date.(df.comment_created_utc)

collection_threads = combine(groupby(df, :threadcreateddate), :thread_id => length ∘ unique => :number_of_threads)

collection_comments = combine(groupby(df, :commentcreateddate), :thread_id=> length∘ unique => :number_of_comments)

collection_threads.plot(x = :threadcreateddate, y = :number_of_threads, title = “Number of threads per day”)

collection_comments.plot(x = :commentcreateddate, y = :number_of_comments, title = “Number of comments per day”)

#plot(collection_threads.threadcreateddate, collection_threads.number_of_threads)

#plot(collection_comments.commentcreateddate, collection_comments.number_of_comments)’

The last 2 lines with plot(collection_…) are giving this “Possible method call error.Julia(IncorrectCallArgs)” Warning in VSC, while in the REPL i get a plot output from GKS QTerm (WindowsOS)

Does Plots work in VS Code when you create a simple plot, e.g.

using Plots
x =1:10
plot(x, sin.(x))

If that doesn’t work it could be that something with the installation went wrong.

(By the way, for longer code blocks one needs 3 ticks instead of one.)

Hello Steffen, thank you for the reply.

I didn’t know about the blocking of code snippets, i’ll try next time!

Sadly, the “simple” code you provided didn’t work either. I didn’t get any warnings or errors, the code just “finishes” w/o anything happening…

I redownloaded the Julia Extension for VSC, but nothing changed, it still won’t work…

Again, the Code works just fine in the Terminal, but just won’t work in VSC. Do you or someone else have another idea?!?

I have Julia Version 1.7.2 installed on my device, if that helps

Latest release is 1.8, always helpful to use that although I suspect it won’t make a difference here.

The possible method call error warning is a red getting, it’s a known false positive of the VSCode linter.

What are your plot related settings in the VSCode Julia extension? On my phone so can’t check but iirc there is a setting related to the plot pane, see if fiddling with that helps.

Yeah, i enabled the plot pane, i think i mentioned that on the first post.
I also enabled Focus Plot Navigator, the Plots: Path is set to the Desktop and i enabled, as mention, the use of the Plot pane…

I’m all out of ideas…