Plots: where to find the list of available fonts? Is it possible to set all fonts simultaneously

I am using Plots.jl to create some plots with the default backend (I think it is the gr backend). I know that I can set say the title font and the legend font to say “computer modern” using the command:

Plots.default(titlefont = ("computer modern"), legendfont = ("computer modern"))

If I want the times new roman font I can do:

Plots.default(titlefont = ("times"), legendfont = ("times"))

Is there some documentation with the list of fonts that I can use? I tried “Palatino” (which is on my Mac) but that did not work.

My other question is, is there a command that changes font of all items in a plot to say “computer modern”, or do I have to change each one (title, legend, guide etc.) separately?

Thank you.


The GR backend supports these fonts: Fonts — GR Framework 0.56.0 documentation


You can set the defaults by providing a PLOTS_DEFAULTS in your startup.jl. i.e.

const PLOTS_DEFAULTS = Dict(
    :fontfamily => "Computer Modern")

Alternatively you can call the default function.


Awesome! Thank you very much. I was looking at the Plots.jl documentation and no wonder I could not find it.

Thank you very much. Appreciate this. Is this documented somewhere?

The plot defaults are kind of hidden in the docs, they’re at the end of the installation page.

Installation · Plots (

@xzackli thank you very much!