Plots.jl tiny plots in Jupyter

Sadly, this is still a problem. The workaround still fixes it. Also the PyPlot backend doesn’t show this, weirdly enough. Looks like I’m stuck with pyplot() for the introductory course I will teach in 6 weeks time.

I only found out today, obviously my upgrading through different versions of IJulia and Plots took a long time to catch up! Pity that I can’t reproduce that history.

I think this problem was fixed and then broke again. If it isn’t fixed until the course, using plotly() might work, and the students won’t need to worry about possible issues with python.

I’ve split this out from the three-year-old thread — so much has changed since then that I’m quite certain it’s not the same root cause. Could you provide a bit more information about what you’re doing and what’s happening?

Its very likely this is the same issue

Can you try Plots v1.15.3 ?

AHA! Works. (Didn’t try VSCode or Pluto).


And now tested VS Code as well, didn’t work before, does now. Plot plane scaling also: dragging the plane wider makes the displayed plot bigger.