Plots.jl crashed when run plot()

There is an error in“Plots”). I solved this according to the suggestion from @mkborregaard by downloading on my web browser.

But when I run plot(), Julia crashed with the following message. When I installed GR.jl and change the background to gr, the error does not exist. Thus, this crash error only for PyPlot background.
(Plots.jl, Julia0.61 Windows 7, 64 Bit, Plots.jl v0.13.1)

However, the same code run correctly in Jupyter.

There seems to be a problem with PyPlot still, try ENV["MPLBACKEND"]="qt4agg" before using Plots.


I had this issue. Reinstalling conda from scratch fixed it for me.

Thanks for your reply.

When I run ENV[“MPLBACKEND”]=“qt4agg” before using Plots, Julia has not crashed. I should be caused by the default Backend of PyPlot. Thanks!