Plots.jl build error



Get error during installing Plots.jl, Julia0.61 Windows 7, 64 Bit, Plots.jl v0.13.1
The error is as followings.


when I use the package. It crashed.


Can you try to build again?


I tried“Plots”) again. The error message is the same.
Thanks for your swift reply!


could be a connection problem? Can you go to on your web browser?
(you could always download it manually and put it in the folder :slight_smile: )


I can download
Where should I put this file? Thank you.

In fact, I tried run Julia.exe using Administration Right. I also tried to build the package using the internet at home. The error is still the same.
I think there should be some bug. I also encounter this error in 0.5.


Thank you so much, @mkborregaard ! I put .js file in plots/deps/ and can build the Package. However, the when I plot the graph, Julia crashed with runtime error as follows.


Just for completeness, here as well: include ENV["MPLBACKEND"]="qt4agg" before using Plots, as there is a problem with the default PyPlot backend.


Thank you so much! This method works.


@IIjaK91: Do we have to always run the script ENV[“MPLBACKEND”]=“qt4agg” before using Plots. I mean is one time enough?


Yes, if you use the Pyplot Backend, which is the default, I think. So you should have that line every time before you write using Plots.