Plots: different window, embedded on main GUI or inlined


When I create a plot on VS Code it pops up a separate window with the title “GKS QtTerm”.
How can I get the plot on the right side of main GUI like in RStudio instead?
How can I get the plot inlined like in Jupyter?

PD: By default the plot uses GR and I’m on Windows 10 VS code 1.29.0

Hm, VS Code just plugs into the default julia multimedia story, so it should capture any plots from packages that play in that ecosystem.

Are you using GR directly? Or via Plots.jl?

Via Plots.jl
I’ve also tried to use PyPlot but I’m not able to install it without errors.
And Plotly produces the plot on a web browser by default.

Always using them from Plots.jl but any suggestion is welcome.

I just learned on slack, that Plots.jl apparently is now pushing a display onto the top of the display stack when you load it. That will overwrite the display that VS Code has put there. In my mind that is a bug in Plots.jl, I think it should not push a display onto the top of the stack when it loads, because it breaks things like the VS Code plot pane…

And do you know how to revert this situation?

I think (but am not sure) that we should change the plotting packages so that they don’t put their own display at the top of the display stack, but instead insert it right above the REPL display, in the middle of the stack. I think that would fix the situation for now.


Do you think Makie would be the candidate?
It’s supposed to be able to handle very large numer of points fast but I don’t know about its versatility.
In the meantime I’ll open an issue at Plot.jl github.

I think this issue should be fixed for all plotting packages, if that is what you meant?