Plots, animation, problem with indendent layout

Hello everybody,
I need to animate a peace of experimental data. The outline of calculation is below.

#some calculations
anim = Animation()
l = @layout [a; c{0.2h}]
for (n_, line) in enumerate(lines1)
#some calculations
if stp == 100
#some calculations
plot( plot(VU, LH, st = scatter), plot( DT, AP, st = scatter), layout = l)
#some calculations
gif(anim, “hhh.gif”, fps=15)

VU, LH - are fixed sized Float64 vectors
DT, AP - are variable sized Time and Float64 vectors

The Animation is OK if there is only one plot.
If there are two plots i got only one (the first) frame rendered in the animation (the rest are blank).
It looks like a need to enforce recalculating Plot’s internals in the cycle before plotting and framing.
Is it possible to fix the problem?
Thanks, to advance

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What happens if this goes to inside of for-loop? I had the experience that a layout object can only be used one time. I don’t know if it is expected.

and … You are right! Thank you, very much,