Dates appear as numbers on the x-axis using PlutoPlotly

I’m trying to use Plotly with my Pluto notebook code for plotting timeseries of dataframes.
I’m using PlutoPLotly and when I plot using:
plot(df.Date, df.data1, x=:Date)
The x-axis ticks appear as numbers, despite df.Date being of Date type.

Any insights?
thank you!

Maybe some more information would help. Can you show the exact type of your data frame and also which version of PlutoPlotly.jl you are using?

Could you try plot(df, x = :Date, y = :data1)? If I understand the syntax correctly, the x = :Date is for selecting columns and not for defining the format of how the x-ticks are shown.

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Yes, you are right! I was able to solve this using:
plot(df.Date, df.data1, xaxis_type= "date")

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