PlotlyJS: restyle! not working inside Pluto -- how to change labels?

I am stuck with a stupid small detail. I have two outputs from a loop, both of which are 1×16 Matrix{Float64}. I know how to plot the two outputs together on a single plot. The point is that is I do not know how to change the labels or other attributes manually. I know how to do it in VSCode with restyle!, but apparently, restyle! is not working inside Pluto (no error appears, neither any plot).

The code I use for plotting the two curves together is:

p3 = Plot([yA' yB'], mode = "markers+lines" , line_width = 0.3, 
		marker_size = 7 , Layout(title_text = "A simple AR(1) process", 
        title_x = 0.5, hovermode = "x"))
	    #restyle!(p3, 1:2, name=["yA" , "yB"])

I can plot the two curves with the attributes I need, but unfortunately, only in separate sub-plots, with the code:

p4 = Plot(yA', mode = "markers+lines", marker_symbol = "circle", 
	marker_size = "6", marker_color = "red", name = "yA", line_width = 0.5)
p5 =  Plot(yB', mode = "markers+lines", marker_symbol = "circle", 
	marker_size = "6", marker_color = "blue", name = "yB", line_width = 0.5)
p6 = [p4  p5]

My doubt is: how can I superimpose these two sub-plots in only one single plot, like in the first one above, but having the autonomy to change the attributes according to my needs?

Help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.