PlotlyJS question: How to change color of stacked bar

Hi all, I am using PlotlyJS.jl and trying to change color of stacked bar chart.

p_turnover_s = plot( turnover_size_df, x=:year, y=:mean_turnover, color=:size, text=:mean_turnover, kind="bar", textposition="auto", labels=Dict( :year => "Năm", :mean_turnover => "Hiệu suất vòng quay vốn (Lần)", :size => "Quy mô", ), Layout(barmode="stack") )

I need to change the color of each size: “Quy mô lớn” to color #FFC000, “Quy mô nhỏ” to color #2E5894, “Quy mô siêu nhỏ” to color #4682B4, and “Quy mô vừa” to #B4A9A0.
Some help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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To make it easier to reproduce the answer, could you post the data that makes the dataframe turnover_size_df in your example?

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Here is an example:

using PlotlyJS, DataFrames

df = DataFrame([
  (String15("South Korea"), String7("gold"), 24)
(String15("China"), String7("gold"), 10)
(String15("Japan"), String7("gold"), 9)
(String15("South Korea"), String7("silver"), 13)
(String15("China"), String7("silver"), 15)
(String15("Japan"), String7("silver"), 12)
(String15("South Korea"), String7("bronze"), 11)
(String15("China"), String7("bronze"), 8)
(String15("Japan"), String7("bronze"), 12)])
rename!(df, [:nation, :medal, :count])

colour_dict = Dict("bronze" => "#be8557", "silver" => "#b4b4b4", "gold" => "#ffa500")

fig = Plot(df, kind="bar", x=:nation, y=:count, color=:medal, 
              Layout(barmode="stack") )

for trace in
  if trace[:name] in keys(colour_dict)
    trace[:marker][:color] = colour_dict[trace[:name]]