PlotlyJS interactive image of 3D plot

I have a 3D plot made using PlotlyJS.jl. This is done using Jupyter notebooks. When the plot is saved to a png it is only saved as a snapshot of the position of the plot at the time of saving.

What is the best way to save a plot made with PlotlyJS.jl in order to be able to have the plot be interactive on a webpage? I.e. a github ReadMe or a Medium article? Does PlotlyJS support this?

There are some options given here:

In particular, try `savefig(p, “myfig.html”) to get a “web page”.

Thank you. Have that existing file already. I am sort of stopped at uploading that anywhere.

My main intent is to preserve the interactiveness of this html file without creating a new website to display it if possible.

Since interactive PlotlyJS images are ultimately JavaScript, and GitHub doesn’t allow JavaScript in their Markdown files when displaying, I guess the answer is no. (There is an old SO explanation here: Embed JavaScript in GitHub - Stack Overflow)

Some alternatives might be to use GitHub Pages as a linked web site; or, demonstrate the interactivity with an animated gif (see this thread: Animation using PlotlyBase)

I think that direct JavaScript embedding is also not allowed:

Maybe this?