Ploting Library - ECharts


Created a very small and thin library that wraps ECharts (baidu) js charting library.

At this moment it has a very flexible series helper function and the chance to fully pass all ECharts api args.

It loads and displays very fast (only in Jupyter for now)

Feel free to comment…


Those charts are zoomable. Cool.

Sad to report though that on the world population chart I looked at are .undefined.
We shoudl take this offline.


Antonio, if you are interested in the ECharts library, I’d love to collaborate. I’ve been working on this for a bit of time now, though I’ve taken a different approach to building charts:


In fact, it appears you might be “borrowing” code out of my library. So perhaps contributing to my project would be the better route.


The “borrowed” code is also very sketch since it has no license at all, so it clearly has no mention of the MIT license from the package the code was taken from (which is required by the MIT License).


Sorry for that, I will fix it! Just wanted the display function and adjust it a bit…

The idea for the library was to be very light and to have some helper functions for the series creation.

But I’m happy to contribute to your project…