[ANN] Bokeh.jl, another plotting library!


Because there just aren’t enough plotting libraries for Julia, I made another one.

This one wraps BokehJS, which is the JavaScript component of the python Bokeh package (though it doesn’t actually call Python). It can render plots in a notebook or straight to your browser.

You can make interactive plots, add widgets and build up complex layouts. Interaction with a backing server is not implemented (yet).

TTFP is about 5 seconds on my machine, which somehow beats UnicodePlots (7 seconds).

What’s neat is that it is mostly automagically generated from the Python package, which means it supports all the same models, has all the same parameters and defaults, and has loads of documentation that I didn’t have to write.

Very much work in progress, but check out the gallery, the documentation and the repo.


Does Bokeh.jl allow binding Julia callbacks to plot widgets? And if so, would you have a MWE? Thank you.

No I’m afraid not, the only interactivity is in-browser right now. It’s planned for the future but not any time soon.

You can probably cobble something together yourself using WebIO.jl and some custom JavaScript. If you did I’d love to see it.

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