Plot without updating limits

I want to plot a bunch of concentric circles but I don’t want them to update the limits of the axis. The idea is to show radial distance to some specific point. Any way I can do that?

So instead of:

I’d like to have something similar to (note that the limits of the axes is dictated by the grey lines and scatter markers):

If you create your axis with Axis(..., limits = (0, 1, 0, 2)) for example, these limits should not change when you plot. Same with using ylims!, xlims! or limits! after the fact. This behavior changed recently.

But, I love the limits I get from plotting my data. I don’t want to manually specify them.

Maybe there is a way for me to

  1. plot my data (without the circles)
  2. get the resulting limits
  3. plot my circles
  4. set the axis limits to the ones I got from step # 2


Ah I see, maybe do limits!(ax.finallimits[]) after plotting the relevant data