Plot(twinx(), ...) creates ylabel on the wrong side of the plot (left instead of ríght)

Hey all! I hope, I’m posting this in the correct category. In my question about visualization (Overlay plot with second plot with second y-axis to the right?) an issue occured that was identified as a bug by @mkborregaard:
When using plot(twinx()...) the ylabel does not appear on the right side (as it should) but on the left side, on top of the original ylabel. I’m using Juno, Plots.jl, GR backend, Julia 0.6.0

Thanks so much!

I changed this from the Development category to Visualization: the Development category is for Julia internals development only.

Anyways, yeah, I noticed this yesterday and noted this to @mkborregaard and @jheinen in the Gitter channel. It’s probably still in the scroll back.

Ah, no, sorry. Opening an issue is done on the corresponding github repository:

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I see, TIL :slight_smile: I opened an issue (, hope that’s correct now. Thanks again!