Plot padding when `showaxis` false

I would like to make some plots where the y axis is not shown. I can do this by setting yshowaxis=false, but there is then ugly excess padding on the left of the figure.

For example:

using Plots

It seems that the axis is being created and then made invisible, rather than the plot area being calculated correctly in the first instance. Is there any workaround to this behaviour?

One idea would be to set the yticks to nothing, like this:

using Plots
testplot = plot(y,yshowaxis=false,yticks=nothing, size=(1000,800))
savefig(testplot, "noticks.png")

Which produces the following:

OK, that definitely helps, thanks very much.

By the way, just noticing in this simple example - the x axis scale is very weird, is this a bug?