When plotting, option "showaxis" does not accept "Symbol" or "String" type

I am using Julia 1.0.3 in JuliaBox.
I am facing an error when trying to use the “showaxis” option in plotting.
I am trying to hide the labels of the x-axis, and display the labels of the y-axis.

According to the documentation, the option “showaxis” should accept “Bool, Symbol or String”.
But when I’m trying to use it, I am getting errors in non-boolean context.
Am I missing something?

Example code:

using Plots

The error message I get is:

TypeError: non-boolean (Symbol) used in boolean context

In fact, I am plotting in the polar coordinates system, and I would like to to move the axis of “r” to the left of the polar circle, as there are too many scatter dots inside the polar plot. But I can’s see any option for this.

Kind regards

It seems the docs are wrong or outdated.
You may try



I found them here
as not supported but they work (Julia 1.3.1 here).

For the polar plot it may be different.

Many thanks! Yes indeed, it works with gr().

And I noticed that xshowaxis maps to polar Θ and yshowaxis maps to polar “r”.
So, it also works for polar plots. :slightly_smiling_face:

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