Plot(.) not shown with CTRL+ENTER but it does in the VSCode terminal

Hello, from yesterday I can’t plot if I use the plot(.) command in the VSCode editor with line-by-line command. I have the hover text appearing on the right with Plot{Plots.GRBackend() n=1} as normal, but then the plot is not displayed, while if I plot from the VSCode terminal it works.

I have tried restarting everything (including VSCode) but I still have the problem, what can I try to solve the issue ?

Julia 1.9.0, VSCode 1.81, Julia add-on v1.50.2

I can reproduce, display(plot(rand(10)) works.

@pfitzseb is this intended or a regression in 1.50?

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Regression. Update to 1.51-prerelease for now. I’ll push that to the main release branch later today.