Plot lines disappear when savefig to svg

When using the gr backend and saving a plot with savefig() as SVG some lines simply disappear.
However, when saving the same figures as PNG or PDF they are present.

This is what the SVG looks like:

This is the PNG and what it should look like:

Has anyone an idea how to fix this or even just what might be the problem?

Could you please provide the script/code?

hey, sorry for the late response!
unfortunately providing the code is a bit tricky because it involves different data formats and does a bunch of things.

however, i have tracked the issue down!

It is caused by the first value the lines have in the SVG file: “[…],4.64225e+041”
If one replaces the y value “4.64225e+041” with a proper value that is located within the borders of the frame, the lines become visible again.

The easiest way to reproduce the issue is this:

g = [0, 1e-4, 1e-3, 1e-2]
plot!(yaxis=:log, ylims = (1e-8,1))

Somehow the problem seems to be that the “0” value can be handled by plot() if setting appropriate ylims but then when saving this as SVG this becomes a problem again…