Plot! function does not plot the right distribution

I have a problem when using plot!, which should add a curve of Normal(10,2) fitting on my histogram. However, in my plot, I could see the label for plot!, it is overlapping on x-axis. I am using Mac, my friend is using Windows, and this issue is not reproduced on her machine. Code and output plot is attached below:
using Plots
x = rand(Normal(10, sqrt(2)), 10000)

Are you sure this is the code you’re running? Which package versions are you on? For me, plot(Normal(10, sqrt(2))) just errors.

In any case, this is an issue of scale - your y-axis goes up to 1,000, while the Normal cdf never goes above 1 (this is why it is squashed on the x-axis).

You probably want histogram(rand(Normal(10, 2), 10_000), normalize = true)


Thanks, and this is the issue, I need to add normalize = true in my histogram.
Thank you!

or scale the pdf to sum(y)/nbins:

y = rand(Normal(10, sqrt(2)), 10000)
x = 5:0.1:15
h = histogram(y, nbins=50)
plot!(x, pdf.(Normal(10,sqrt(2)),x)*sum(y)/50)


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