Please suggest improvements to the JuMP documentation

Dear all,

I have been busy making improvements to the JuMP documentation that will be available in the next release. (You can find the development version here: Introduction · JuMP) Highlights of the changes include integrated tutorials, and revised pages on models, nonlinear modeling, containers, and objectives.

I’m interested in hearing any feedback or suggestions people have concerning:

  • parts of the JuMP documentation you found (or find) confusing
  • topics you wished were covered in the JuMP documentation (because you had to find them elsewhere)
  • spelling mistakes, formatting errors, etc.

I’m especially interested to hear from anyone who started using JuMP recently, because if you’re confused about parts of the documentation, we should fix that!

Please reply to this thread, or send me a private message if you prefer.



Something I’m usually struggling with when using (later versions of) JuMP is that there is on longer an automatic understanding of norm(x), instead I get a message saying that I have to manually rewrite the constraint or objective using the SecondOrderCone. It would be good to have one (or many) clear examples on how to do this, I usually have to try and fail for a while, or dig up the code from the last time I did it.

(Even better would of course be if JuMP could just let me write my model using norm)

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Thanks. I’ve opened an issue to track these: Documentation suggestions from Discourse · Issue #2487 · jump-dev/JuMP.jl · GitHub. I’m not sure if we can make JuMP work with norm, but we can write examples of how to do this, and improve the error message to include some examples.

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A “performance tips” section would be great. At least I remember an old post of my beginner mistakes which possibly could have been avoided with such a section. Also an old question regarding type annotations occupied me a while.


Thanks! Linking to these old questions is very helpful.