Announcement: JuMP 0.17 released



We are pleased to announce the release of JuMP 0.17. The release introduced 2 breaking changes:

  • JuMP used to automatically transform quadratic constraints into second order cones for conic models but this is no longer the case; see JuMP#999. Indeed, this was no longer needed now that there is the special norm syntax and the conic_to_lpqp wrapper in MathProgBase which enables conic solvers to support linear model with quadratic constraints (i.e. LPQP). This however disallows to mix quadratic constraints with norm and/or SDP constraints (although this might change in the future with MathProgBase#165 and JuMP#1037).
  • A new indexing syntax has been introduced that replaces the getvariable and getconstraint functions. To access the variable (resp. constraint) with name x, one should now write m[:x] instead of getvariable(m, :x) (resp. getconstraint(m, :x)). As a consequence, creating a variable and constraint with the same name now triggers a warning, and accessing one of them afterwards throws an error. This change is breaking only in the latter case.

The complete list of changes is listed in

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