Please read: make it easier to help you

also for MWE too… Writing Self-Documenting code | Week 6 | 18.S191 MIT Fall 2020 | Alan Edelman & David Sanders (6 min)

Hello, There is a package equivalent or similar to the R package: “reprex”
Get help!

This section/thread obviously addresses newcomers (to the online community). I am not sure if the abreviation PSA used in the name of this section/thread is familiar to them. I even suspect that if it is not recognized by newcomers, they might tend to skip reading the actual text.


README or READ FIRST may be more effective

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As far as PSA vs READ ME vs …, there’s only so much shouting that’s effective (and I don’t really want to normalize it). It’s interesting to me that some see PSA as technical jargon; to me it’s a commercial, but perhaps that’s generational or regional? I’ll defer to @Tamas_Papp on a possible rename, but if we change it at all I’d lean towards something like “Please read: make it easier to help you.”


Non-native English speakers may not be familiar with commercial jargon either.


Yeah, I strongly doubt that this is widely known (or even slightly known) among non-native speakers. I only know it from this forum, and I also tend to forget the abbreviation when I want to search for a PSA topic.

Even if you spell it out, “public service announcement” sounds like some blahblah terms or eula, or the text on the back of a pack of toothpicks. You’re not going to read it.

It’s likely people just don’t know what it means or what kind of jargon it is.



That said, I am skeptical that it makes a whole lot of difference to whether it is read. I imagine that that “make it easier to help you” part should clarify what this is about.


Great post. It’s pinned right? It should be the first thing anybody sees. :+1:

What was wrong about Public Sisplay of Affection?

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