Please help me to get the clifford python package added into Julia

I have tried following the PyCall procedure for adding a python package, and I keep getting errors.

using PyCall
returns a segmentation fault

I have miniconda installed and clifford works in python, but I would like to use clifford from within Julia, if possible.

Thank you.

If you are using an MKL build of Julia, you will need to switch over to an OpenBLAS build to avoid conflicts with numpy:

Please check out my native Julia implementation of Clifford algebra:

Do you intend to make a Julia wrapper for the clifford package?


Hello, Chakravala!
Thank you for your great work.
I have already added Grassmann to my Julia install, but the truth is that I am just beginning to study geometric algebra and I found the clifford package a bit easier to understand than Grassmann. I hope to use some GA package to help me learn GA.
I realize that folks like yourself are probably way too busy doing to have time for teaching, but what would be the most awesome thing in the world (IMO), would be to have a “Learn Physics/Math using GA and Julia for Undergraduates.PDF” or website or some such.
I hope to eventually be able to use Grassmann/Julia to full effect for doing physics using GA, but right now I need very simple introductory instruction.
I wish they had taught us GA in grade school…
Be well.


Thank you for the information.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will be making more and more material available in the form of videos, documentation, and research papers (this takes some time and effort).

As with you, I am still in the process of learning geometric algebra myself also, and I would be happy to receive comments and feedback on what Grassmann could improve on (in issues or on gitter), although I can’t guarantee that I will be able to address all concerns immediately.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any place in the world that truly teaches geometric algebra, historically it has only been explored by those who are willing to research it and adopt it as a system. There are plenty of great resources in the form of research papers and books available.

I will be sure to stay informed of your efforts.
Thank you so much!

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