Please add a category Usage/Package development

I suggest to open a new category (under usage) for package development (including registration).
That’s a large but fairly well-focused set of issues that currently would go just under Usage:

Please note that this is different than this proposal where instead there would be a category for each individual package.

Also, please remove “IDEs” from the “Domains” description, it is now in “Tooling”.


Any reply on this ? You don’t think it worths the time ?

Ping… is that nobody is reading or there is disagreement on this proposal?

I think a section to discussing the issues on how to organise the code in a project, go trough Travis, add Documenter, get the package registered and deal with the various GitHub actions… well, there is enough material for a section… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I don’t know what is needed for suggestions like this, so I just answer with: I think its a good proposal. Should be considered in my opinion.