PkgPage rendering and deployment problems

I’m using PkgPage to document a small package. I want to deploy manually, and I’m hitting a couple of roadblocks.

First, PkgPage is complaining about not finding highlight.js:

julia> PkgPage.optimize()
┌ Warning: I couldn't load 'highlight.js' so will not be able to pre-render code blocks. You can install it with `npm install highlight.js`.
└ @ Franklin ~/.julia/packages/Franklin/msAXw/src/manager/post_processing.jl:169

The second problem is that the rendered page looks bad, both when seen locally (navigating to the index.html file), and on github:

However, when the page is rendered by serve(), it looks fine.

I can’t figure out what it is that I’m missing. Any pointers appreciated!

Here’s the full sequence of commands I’m running: