Pkg.update exclusion list

Is it possible to tell the package manager to update all packages except those in user-supplied list? I didn’t see that ‘blacklist’ functionality in the docs.

Here’s the very common use case for which this would be helpful: Let’s say package XX has a bug which matters to me and I need to use a deprecated version until the bug is fixed. I’d still like to keep all the other packages up to date. So it would be great if the package manager allowed a syntax like

Can someone tell me how to do this, if this functionality is already there and I’ve missed it in the documentation? If not, where is the list of requested new features to which I can add this suggestion?

You can just pin the package XX to its deprecate version. Then the package manager will not touch it when updating. Another solution would be to put a XX = "=x.y.z" compat bound for the package XX to your Project.toml.

Perfect. Pin is exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly. Thanks for your help.