Pkg on Travis: Behavior different on different platforms?

Julia Version 0.7.0-beta.133. This succeeds on Appveyor:

C:\projects\julia\bin\julia -e "import Pkg; Pkg.develop(\"\"); Pkg.test(\"FinEtools\")"

while this fails on Travis (both Linux and MacOS):

julia -e 'import Pkg; Pkg.develop(""); Pkg.test("FinEtools"; coverage=true)'

with the message
ERROR: Cannot add package with the same name or uuid as the project.

I’m confused. Any ideas?

The defaults script on Travis was updated.

You can change

Pkg.develop(\"\"); Pkg.test(\"FinEtools\")"



and add the following to appveyor:

It is unfortunate that we dont have a default script for appveyor.

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Thanks, that worked.