PhD position in fluorescence microscope/microscopy image processing

Hi all,
My lab at the University of Memphis is looking for a PhD student working on fluorescence microscope (specifically structured illumination microscopy), for both the experimental (microscope/device) part and computational part (which uses Julia). The candidate does not need to know about microscopes at all (it will be great if he/she does), but needs to have basic knowledge in Fourier transform, optics (lens, light, etc.), and programming/algorithm (MATLAB, Python, Julia). The candidate can have electrical engineering, optical physics, or mathematics background.

The PI of the lab is nice and famous in the field. The lab is working on commercializing one of its researches. So, there are opportunities here. Currently we have two postdocs (one is more on the optical device (microscope) part, one is more on the computational part (me!)) and one Master/PhD student.

Memphis is not too bad. I moved to Memphis from Boston and have liked it here.

Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you!