PhD position (damage detection of bridges via sensor analysis)

Even though the job offer linked below is completely written in German, applicants do not need to speak or write German.

The development can be completely in Julia if you make it so.

Location: KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
Prerequisites: Master degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me here, or the contact persons mentioned in the job offer


If I am not being too rude, a slightly off topic reply.
The Forth Road Bridge in Scotland is known to have problems. The multi-strand steel cables which suspend the bridge are known to be weakening. This is monitored by attaching microphones to the cables - which listen for the ‘ping’ every time a wire strand breaks.
Dont worry - a new bridge has been built and the original bridge is now restricted to public transport.

It would be cool to see Julia being used to analyse the pings!

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I get an “access denied” (Zugriff nicht erlaubt) when I follow the link.

We’re currently analyzing bridges mostly with low frequency acceleration sensors and with strain sensors. The upcoming project for which the job offer exists will also make use of mobile high precision radar equipment to attempt installation free analysis.

The events we are recoding are crossings by single vehicles of unknown weight. For one specific bridge for which we have simulated (lots) and real (ca 100 crossings) data, we have been able to detect the damages and even pinpoint their location to some degree.

We were actually permitted to damage the bridge during the process, so we introduced real damages of increasing severity (at the end of which the bridge was demolished and replaced by a new one). The next project will have multiple bridges of different designs that will again be analyzed via attached sensors, radar sensors and simulations.

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