Pharmaceutical Modeling and Simulation with Pumas

We are excited to announce Pumas.jl, a package for pharmaceutical modeling and simulation. The website for the project can be found at . With Pumas you can easily simulate and fit nonlinear mixed effects models with the power of Julia’s ecosystem.

The key to Pumas is personalized precision dosing. The system has a domain-specific event handling system for specifying dosing schedules in industry standard formats, making it easy to explore the effects of dosage regimens on populations and individuals. Julia goes beyond the existing pharmacometrics ecosystems by incorporating multiple levels of parallelism, allowing the use of stochastic and delay differential equations, and making use of automatic differentiation. As a fast and flexible system for pharmacometrics, we are excited to use this platform to carry the field forward.

For a more detailed introduction, please see our introductory blog post:


Congrats, Chris!

This looks really nice. Do you plan to make it available without Julia Pro?

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That looks like a good piece of work. A plus from me for including proper Bayesian parameter estimations.

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You had me at simulations with pumas :sweat_smile: