PETSc Error

Hi, I am operating on macOS Monterey, version 12.5.1, and i am facing an issue when i try to run code using GridapPETSc, below is the error in stack-trace

PETSc Error --- Application was linked against both OpenMPI and MPICH based MPI libraries 
and will not run correctly

After i got this error, i have un-installed MPICH from my machine, and currently only have OPEN-MPI, but still it shows having linked with multiple MPI implementation. Any help in this regard will be very much appreciated …

I don’t know this specific library, but in general, this sounds like an issue that might be solved by:

import Pkg;"GridapPETSc")

@digital_carver thanks for the reply. However, I did the following to sort out the error:

  1. keep the MPI.toml file empty
  2. then building MPI.jl and GridapPETSc.jl, worked perfectly fine.