Flip image in makie.jl

Hi everyone,

I am trying to plot an image in Makie.jl however the image I get is flipped (both vertically and horizontally) for some reason. However when I plot the image in Plots.jl I get the perfect output.

The image output I get:


The image output I want:


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Check the example here


The reason it works like this is that the first dimension of the image matrix is mapped to x and the second to y just like all other plotting functions. But arguably there should be an option to change that behavior

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Thanks for your reply, I was able to figure it out!

I was able to get my exact image, using this code:

and the respective output is:

however when I try to reverse the yaxis image again gets flipped:

How do I reverse the yaxis without flipping the image.

That should be the cow on the lower right