Passing args before/after jl_init (from C or Lisp)


I’m interfacing Julia for a CAS called FriCAS, which is built on top of a Common LISP environment, in my case SBCL.

SBCL needs to catch signals for memory management and other things and I wonder how to use the jl_parse_opts or jl_set_ARGS, having in mind that at least libsupport needs to be initialized I think. I can dirty hack Julia source code (really dirty, modify the source code and the build process) but my question is how to bypass Julia signals handling when using

Any ideas or hints?


The response was very simple, I forgot to put it here:
(after loading of course).

void jl_init_env(void){
jl_options.handle_signals = JL_OPTIONS_HANDLE_SIGNALS_OFF;

Occam’s razor…

PS: I don’t know how to close this “issue”