Embedding julia 1.6.0

I’m trying to solve https://github.com/jebej/Mex.jl/issues/6 . To embed julia in matlab, it appears you need to turn of signal handling. In 1.6, some things got separated out into libjulia-internal, of which I can find no documentation. The name suggests that this is done on purpose, and one shouldn’t really link into it.

What is the proper way to turn off signal handling when embedding julia now?

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See https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/38160 by @staticfloat

I don’t understand this. According to the first sentence

We first rename libjulia to libjulia-internal , and libjulialoader
to libjulia so as to reduce confusion from the outside; libjulia is
the entrypoint for all usecases, and libjulia-internal just so happens
to be the chunk that contains all the actual code and linkage to other

which implies that I should just be able to link to libjulia, and that should be enough for my usecase. Using only libjulia then, how can I access jl_options, and turn off signal handling?