Participate in package/julia development without github account? belongs to Microsoft now and they have a rather loose attitude towards GDPR, DVSGO and some local law on user data reuse or user tracking. I’ve been pinged to enable F2A which is something i believe in and can enable. However i don’t really find it a good idea to hand over my phone number to the professional troublemakers in Redmond.

a) Do i read correctly, that F2A via SMS is the only option available (which is btw laughable)
b) Anyone a good idea to do a OpenAuth etc. via google (who have my phone number via the andriod installation anyway)?
c) Any idea to enable a non-github developer/user role in julia?

Not at all, there are three different options:

  1. Authenticator app
  2. Security keys
  3. SMS

I use FreeOTP as authenticator app and I never gave my phone number to Github.



The general registry is backend-agnostic, so if you want to put your code on gitlab or some other git-service instead, that should work as well as far as I know.