ParallelStencil w/MPI

Is the CPU parallelism in the ParallelStencil.jl Concise single/multi-XPU miniapps limited to threads, or since it’s built on/with ImplicitGlobalGrid can it do MPI as well? I don’t see anything that looks like MPI support but I’m not an expert. If the code currently only does threads how difficult would adding MPI be?

ImplicitGlobalGrid uses MPI for domain-decomposition with halo exchange. The global domain is split up behind the scenes with the init_global_grid() call. If you dig around in the ImplicitGlobalGrid source code you’ll see where they call MPI.

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If you use ParallelStencil in combination with ImplicitGlobalGrid, then you will be able launch your application on multiple processes (CPU/GPU) - ImplicitGlobalGrid relies on MPI for inter-process communication. In the github readme we have written an overview of ImplicitGlobalGrid, which should answer all your initial questions:

Function documentation is callable from the REPL:

Furthermore, my talk at JuliaCon 2020 gives an introduction to ParallelStencil and ImplicitGlobalGrid:

Finally, our last year’s workshop on “Solving differential equations in parallel on GPUs | Workshop | 2021” also discusses the usage of ParallelStencil with ImplicitGlobalGrid (I think towards the end):

Do not hesitate to ask if something remains unclear…